‘Will you come away with me or do you scorn aimless driftings when there are deadlines to be kept?’

The domain name UU3.com is a play on words. These days, people incorrectly talk about the ‘Internet’ when they are referring to the information system which allows documents to be connected to other documents by hypertext links. The correct term, as coined by Tim Berners-Lee, is the ‘World Wide Web’ –  or simply ‘W3’. Although uu3.com can pronounced as U-U-3.com, the domain can also be pronounced as W3 (double-U-three) .com!


My name is David Earl – uu3.com is my personal blog.

My background is in broadcast television. In the nineteen-eighties I developed an on-board camera system small enough to provide live images from a jockey’s helmet or a racing motorcycle. The system was first used during the 1985 Assen TT – a round of the 500cc World Motorcycle Championship (now called MotoGP). It provided viewers with a rider’s eye view of the race from a camera mounted just behind the windshield of Randy Mamola’s factory entered Honda. Continue reading “About”